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Denim 101 .2






We are Real + Simple. We are a sustainable denim lifestyle brand based in                   cape town south africa. Real + simple is not only our name but the ethos                    behind everything we do. Our focus lies on producing superior denim                    products, ethically in Cape Town, by skilled local craftsmen. All our                                core jeans are raw selvedge and made in limited quantities, allowing for             impeccable attention to detail. We want to create a sustainable footprint                          and empower a local industry that know how to make a great product.                              We are denim heads, our passion is denim, and our story is your  journey                       with your very own Real + Simple denim jeans.

Raw Selvege boot.png




raw selvedge

“ Selvedge” coined from the term “Self Edge” means
there’s a finished edge around the fabric which is created
when denim is made on antique shuttle looms. This is
an anomaly among most mass-produced denim because
it’s more expensive and time consuming to manufacture.
Other manufactures err on the side of cheap and quick—
making massive rolls of denim that they later cut to size.
Selvedge denim is the opposite. It’s made by a continuous
horizontal “weft” thread that’s never cut, giving the denim
a clean and uniform edge—and a thicker, more durable
nature. Only a few looms still exist to make this sort of
denim. It’s “raw” (Sounds pretty cool doesn’t it?) because it’s         unwashed, and sanforized to minimize shrinkage. In short,
selvedge denim is pristine, has the unique ability to conform
to your body over time, and it wears in all the right places,                      giving you the ultimate fitting as well as looking pair of jeans.




break them in

We make our jeans to last. We are proud of their durability
and you’ll definitely notice the stiffness when you first put                                                  them on. They should be real snug, and even difficult to                                                  button. But don’t worry, within a wear or two, you’ll start                                                       to notice a bit of loosening. This is part of the normal
breaking in process with any selvdge jean, and part
of the fun. Our jeans can stretch as much as 1 whole size.
If that is too much for you, just give them a soak in cool
water and they will shrink back up. Part of the what makes                                           selvedge jeans interesting is the way that the color will                                                   develop based on your wear, habits and style. That is the                                                    main reason we advise you to not wash them for a good while.                                           The longer you go, the more pronounced the fading will be in                                                all the right spots. Typically, this is in the thigh, knee, back pocket                                     and anywhere else that has seen some distress.







Our jeans start out feeling much like other raw selvedge
denim jeans– with a uniform indigo dye, glossy and slick
feel with just a little bit of fuzziness when you touch
them. This will slowly erode away as you break them in,
leaving a noticeably softer, yet truly durable pair of jeans.
When all is said and done, your Real + Simple Jeans will
follow along with your lifestyle and develop a softer feel,                                                                             unique color fades, sometimes ‘honeycombs’ and of course,                                                                               a perfectly personal fit. Much like a good all leather shoe.