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Our shirts are made to last. Solid workwear inspired pieces that just get better with wear. The perfect companion for a pair of our jeans. 

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Indigo Dyed Canvas

Constructed out of a beautiful indigo dyed canvas, this shirt will age beautifully, gaining character, getting better and more unique with each wear! A closet staple that you will find hard to part with, ever... Crafted in SA.

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Brushed Cotton twill

Beautiful heavyweight Brushed Corn Twill. A perfect layering piece as the days get colder. As with the rest of our garments. Lovingly crafted right here in South Africa

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Raw Olive Twill Overshirt 

Raw, Unwashed, great closet staple. Dress it up, dress it down. Either way you will find an excuse top wear it! Stiff at first this shirt will break in beautifully over time, getting better and better with each wear.  Crafted in SA